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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pakistan, Afghanistan trotting out
roadmap for tension-free ties: adviser

ISLAMABAD, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan said on Monday that it is working with Afghanistan on a "comprehensive road-map" for better bilateral relations, which will be free of mistrust and will focus on constructive engagement and economic cooperation.

Mistrust and blame game between Pakistan and Afghanistan over the years badly affected their bilateral cooperation on security matters.

Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan's top security adviser, who was on a one- day visit to Kabul on Sunday, met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and other leaders.

He told reporters in Islamabad both sides agreed not to allow anyone to use their territories against each other.

"It was agreed during my visit to Afghanistan that Pakistan will not allow its territory to be used and Afghanistan will not allow its territory," Aziz said.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have nearly a 2,200-km border, mostly porous, and both blame each other for loose control that enables the militants to illegally cross it.

Aziz said both sides also agreed to put in place a mechanism of a better border management and discussions will be held how to manage it and how the two sides should monitor it.

The issue of bio-metric system, new routes and documentation could also come under discussions, he said.

"There will be a mechanism, on local level, so the local commanders could talk if there is any issue, then higher commanders, then intelligence agencies, then at foreign policy level the political level," he said.

He said both countries will have a comprehensive mechanism and a vision in which political interaction military-to-military interaction, foreign policy interaction and people to people interaction will be enhanced.

"This mechanism is being evolved a draft of standing operating procedure for border management has been prepared. These measures will address to mistrust. We will build economic and trade cooperation on their basis," Sartaj said.

He said these issues will be discussed in coming days and will be finalized in the coming of Ghani to Pakistan.

Afghanistan to find new sea
routes through Iran’s Chabahar port

Khaama Press / October 20, 2014

The government of India has approved plan to develop Chabahar port in Iran in a bid to link Afghanistan and India through sea routes.

The port will be developed by an Indian joint venture company with an investment of $85.21 million and operate the port for 10 years.

According to a government statement, an agreement will be signed between the Indian and Iranian governments for the development of the port and New Delhi intends to lease two berths at Chabahar for 10 years.

Chabahar port is located in th sistan-Baluchistan province in southeastern coast of Iran which is considered to be a strategic utility for India.

The port is having a distance of 883 km to Zaranj district of western Nimroz province which could link the major cities of Afghanistan, Herat, Kandahar, Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif to sea routes through Zaranj-Delaram road.

Hollywood film ‘Lone Survivor’
puts Afghan villager’s life at risk

Khaama Press / October 20, 2014

An Afghan villager is facing death threats from Taliban militants following the release of Lone Survivor film which fictionalized the rescue of a US NAVY SEAL by him.

The Lone Survivor film made $125 million at the box office which features the survival of US NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell after he was given shelter by the Afghan villager Mohammad Gulab.

The 40-year-old Gulab says his life is now in danger and he is hiding in an unknown location to stop Taliban bombers to target him and his family.

He has survived numerous attacks by Taliban militants, including a bomb attack earlier in April and sniper attack in the month of June.

The film “Lone Survivor” is based on a book written the only Navy SEAL commando, Marcus Luttrell, who survived the raid which left 19 US troops dead.

The incident took place in June 28 2005 in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan, where Marcus Luttrell was the medic assigned to SEAL Team 10 that took part in the operation Red Wings designed to neutralize fighter Ahmad Shah.

Actor Mark Wahlberg plays the role of Marcus Luttrell, who was badly wounded after he walked into a massive bombardment from insurgents along with three other NAVY SEALS who perished on the mountain.

Sixteen other Special Forces, including eight SEALs, were killed when their rescue helicopter was shot down. The injured Luttrell was recovered by US troops after he was taken by an Afghan villager.

Directed by Peter Berg, the film was shot in New Mexico, which was supported by the US military, by providing two MH-47 Chinooks and two AH-64 Apaches that were used for scenes at the SEALS’ base camp.

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