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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Two Daesh commanders killed in Nangarhar

Khaama Press / July 28, 2015

Two commanders of the militant group of Daesh have been killed in security forces operations in eastern Nangarhar province.

General Fazal Ahmad Sherzad, the provincial police chief of Nangarhar province told reporters that the operations started in the jurisdiction of Chaparhar District last night and winded up this morning.

He said two commanders of Daesh were killed, one wounded and three others detained with eight different types of weapons by the security forces.

General Sherzad named the dead Daesh commanders as Farouq and Mirwais and the one wounded as Mansoor.

July has been the deadliest month for Daesh with losing key commanders such as Shaikh Maqbool alias Shahidullah Shahid, Gul Zaman and Jahadyar.

Daesh also known by ISIS or Islamic State was active in Syria and Iraq for years but it emerged in Nangarhar province and some other parts of the country months before.

They recruited hundreds of fighters, most of them defectors of Taliban. Afghan security agencies have formed special units, well equipped and highly trained, to combat with Daesh.

Militancy intensifies in N. Afghanistan
as 17 police go missing

KABUL, July 28 (Xinhua) -- The Taliban-led militancy has intensified in northern parts of the conflict-ridden Afghanistan as fighting between insurgents and security forces has been continuing in the northern Saripul and parts of Kunduz provinces over the past two days.

The armed insurgents in their latest onslaught against security forces have gained ground in Saripul province with Saripul city as its capital 350 km north of Kabul on Tuesday, forcing security forces to retreat.

"Hundreds of Taliban militants launched massive offensive on Kohistanat district Monday morning and fierce fighting which lasted till 11:00 p.m., the security forces retreated enabling militants to enter the district," provincial police chief Mohammad Asif Jabar Khil told Xinhua.

Without commenting on casualties of both sides, the official admitted that 17 police personnel have gone missing.

However, he added that the security personnel are consolidating their positions in the neighboring Sozma Qala and Sayad districts.

Meanwhile, head of provincial council of Saripul province confirmed the fall of Kohistanat to the Taliban, saying disharmony among security organs has paved the way for the collapse of Kohistanat district.

In a similar incident, 30 villages were overrun by Taliban militants in Khan Abad district of northern Kunduz province with Kunduz city as its capital 250 km north of Kabul on Monday night, district governor Hayatullah Amiri said Tuesday.

"Taliban militants launched a heavy offensive in Aqtash area Monday morning forcing pro-government militias to flee and thus enabled Taliban to captured 30 villages there," Amiri told Xinhua.

The government forces are yet to launch counter-attack, the official added.

Taliban militants, according to observers, would do their best to gain more ground amid the ongoing peace talks to get concessions and also consolidate their positions before the fall of the harsh winter in the mountainous country.

30 villages fall to Taliban in N. Afghan district

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Some 30 villages were overrun by Taliban militants in Khan Abad district of northern Afghanistan's Kunduz province on Monday, district governor Hayatullah Amiri said.

Taliban militants launched a heavy offensive in Aqtash area forcing pro-government militias to flee and thus enabled Taliban to captured 30 villages there," Amiri told Xinhua.

The government forces are yet to launch counter-attack, the official added.

Taliban militants launch major attack in Kunar province

Khaama Press / July 28, 2015

Heavy clashes continue between the Taliban militants and the Afghan security forces in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan after the Taliban militants launched a major attack in Marwar district.

According to local security officials, the Taliban militants launched a coordinated attack on security check posts in central and remote areas of Marwar district earlier this morning.

Provincial police chief Abdul Habib Syed Khel said sporadic clashes still continue and at leat 14 Taliban militants have been killed and 17 others have been injured so far.

In the meantime, the Taliban militants group claimed that heavy casualties were incurred to the Afghan forces during the gun battle and said only 3 Taliban fighters were killed and 4 others were injured.

The coordinated attack in eastern Kunar province comes the Taliban-led insurgency has been rampant during the recent days.

Taliban militants captured Kohistanat district in their latest coordinated attack in northern Sar-e-Pul province of Afghanistan which was followed days after the Taliban militants captured a joint military base in northeastern Badakshshan province where scores of Afghan forces surrendered to the group.

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