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AOP News 2009 Afghan
Presidential Election Coverage

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In Afghanistan, the President is the head of the executive branch. The President serves as the head of state and the Command-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Afghanistan. He or she is elected by receiving more than 50% of the votes cast through free, general, secret, and direct voting. If none of the candidates for President receive more than 50% of the votes in the first round, a run-off election is held within two weeks. In this round, only two candidates with the highest number of votes are allowed to participate. In the run-off, the candidate who gets the majority of the votes will be elected as the President. The President serves a 5-year term. The executive branch also includes two Vice Presidents and members of the cabinet. Cabinet Ministers are appointed by the President and approved by the National Assembly.

Presidential Results by Vote Order

*Final List of Candidates*
List of Registered Candidates

Resources: Informative Sites

Government & Politics in Afghanistan
Office of the President (official website)
Independent Election Commission (IEC)
ICG: Afghanistan's Election Challenges

Major Candidates

News Reports and Opinion articles on the 2009 Afghan Presidential Election

Hamid Karzai

A. Abdullah

Ramazan Bashardost

Ashraf Ghani

Syed Jalal

Hedayat Amin Arsala

Shahla Atta

Abdul Salam Rocketi

Shahnawaz Tanai

Abdul Jabar Sabet

Mirwais Yasini

Muhammad Akbarbai

Abdul Latif Pedram

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